I’m Karl. Thanks for reading.

This blog is, and I am, a narrative I am still writing.

Behind this blog there is joy. There is pain. There is creativity, listening, empathy, raw emotion, personal testimony, the best of friends, deep and unconditional love. There are undos and redos, lots and lots of coffee, bear hugs, kids and adults, poetry, music, inspiration, and there is me.

I’m currently in Seoul, South Korea teaching Kindergarten and dodging Corona Virus.

what’s inspiring me

Kim Soon Gui exhibit at MMCA, Seoul
Embers, Grace Espinoza

“I don’t care if you need to come over every day for a month, don’t seclude yourself and don’t be shy to take up space in our world. We’re just here to love you.”

Anam Market, Anam, Seoul

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