A Feature on the Podcast “Dissonance Makes Sense”

I was approached in December by a woman in Germany doing some preliminary scouting for her podcast titled, “Dissonance Makes Sense”. The founder, Eliza, had googled “Belonging blog” in a search for more on the topic of belonging. I was thoroughly surprised, but pleased that Google had plugged me in as the first search result.

Eliza’s vision for Dissonance Makes Sense is one inspired by activism, and particularly the community-organizing aspect that draws people together. In our conversation leading up to our interview, she talked about schemes we’ve created that pull us apart. How climate change, women’s rights, and other political and social issues, in our minds, cause a certain dissonance with how we imagine our communities to operate.

She thought that the subject of Belonging was a great way to start her podcast series because it is a vulnerable, personal, and interpersonal subject that has a place in many conversations regarding togetherness and our communities.

As the inaugural episode of Dissonance Makes Sense, our conversation and spontaneous connection was natural and is one that I would not hesitate to have any day in the future. I am also happy that I got to make her audio and video quality look exceptional for the first episode of her project 😀

Find the Youtube and Spotify links below to the episode:

Thank you, Eliza! I appreciate the conversations you’re facilitating and wish you well in further episodes.

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